Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am in such trouble

This is Grace (the baby) with her sister Marie (who I am madly in love with at the moment. The girl has had "her cute on" for quite some time, and I'm finding every minute with her to be sheer delight... but that's another story).

Grace is a sweet, happy baby that I have called "Monkey" ever since I first held her in my arms at the hospital.

That should have given me fair warning.

As I was cleaning up after supper, she was at my feet as I was scurrying back and forth -- cleaning off the table, sweeping, putting food away, etc. I opened up the refrigerator to put something in, and then turned towards the counter to grab another item.

I turned back around and gasped.

My sweet little baby, in the time it took me to simply turn around and grab one more thing, managed to climb INTO the refrigerator, pull herself up while hanging from one shelf, and start reaching for the top shelf.

Oh. help. me.

Seven kids, and I have NEVER had a climber.

I've heard horror stories from my friends, and secretly patted myself on the back that none of MY kids ever did that.

The challenge is now ON.


Amber said...

Oh my, a climber!! I have heard stories about those... I hope not to have one myself. :-)

Good luck!!!

Beth said...

I have a climber too. When M was 10 months old we were in Ava's room. M just started crawling when she was 9 months so she hadn't been doing it for long. She crawled over to Ava's little rocking chair, climbed up on it, STOOD up and started rocking and saying heh heh heh heh :) That kid is trouble!

Elizabeth said...

My Snorkie walked at nine months, climbed shortly thereafter. Everyone gave me dirty looks when they'd see him doing the steps at 12 he climbs the fridge, bookcases, etc. Hard to know whether to encourage safe climbing habits or nail his feet to the floor!
Pax, EJT

Anonymous said...

My son was probably trying to climb by 10 months. Running by 12 months. He kept us very busy.
Our family room was a bare depressing place to be for about two years. Why? Because we had to take down all the pictures, lamps and decorations. No unnecesarry furniture like end tables either. There was also a time we had to remove all of the dining room chairs because he'd use them to help him climb to higher locations.
I was always wondering when I would walk in a room and find him swinging from the chandelier but that never happened. ;)
Good luck! Hopefully your little climber won't be as crazy as my son was.