Monday, June 30, 2008

Homeschooling Update

I could NOT, in good conscience, go to sleep without letting everyone know how today went!

It was fine.

It wasn't the prettiest homeschooling day we've ever had... and certainly wasn't the most organized... but we did it. Praise God!

I spent the first hour in the kitchen with Christopher and Thomas, going over their catechism (Faith & Life: Our Heavenly Father), phonograms (all 26 letters), math, and reading (a small booklet on plants for Christopher, and lesson 54 in Teaching Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons for Thomas). Doesn't sound like much, but with a two-year old as my babysitter, I wasn't going to get much alone time. Poor Grace was desperately needing "on base" time with me, so most of my homeschooling was done one-handed as I nursed and taught at the same time.

Meanwhile, the older kids had been given their weekly assignments and were working on their catechism lessons.

The second hour saw Grace FINALLY go down for a nap (after several tries) and the "big kids" were able to continue their work without the screaming distraction that she had been. The boys took Marie to another room to play with blocks.

During that time we juggled catechism discussions (each one separately), language arts assignments (Intermediate Language Lessons, Primary Language Lessons, Language of God workbook), math (Saxon) and Latin. We moved to a quick computer tutorial (after reminding Thomas several times that no, it was not time for him to play a computer game) so they could decorate their new notebooks, and then finished it up with their poetry assignments.

History, for this week, is simply reading Little House on the Prairie aloud.

Science will continue to be nature study until I can figure out how I want to tackle this. I have several options, but like I said, my brain was fried and I couldn't think about it any more.

After lunch I sent them outside while I cleaned up. Grace woke up (of course), so most of that was done one-handed as well.

Our afternoon was spent with our neighbors. (My neighbor -- a good friend of mine -- was painting her kitchen, so I kept her children so she could paint in peace!)

They left around 6 pm, we had supper, and then Daddy got home.


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