Wednesday, April 02, 2008

He makes it fun

The assignment in Intermediate Language Lessons was to tell the story of two squirrels, and to include whatever adventures they might find. It sounded pretty corny to me, actually, but Sean has been having fun writing lately, so I asked him to write a story. This is what he came up with:

Once there were two squirrels. One of them wanted to go on an adventure. So they decided to go.

Out of their elm tree they went, bringing acorns and other nuts in their little squirrel packs.

Soon they came to the meadow. They ran across it, trying to avoid the cats who walked there.

Now it hadn't rained much lately, so the squirrels became thirsty. So when they saw a small drinking puddle across the road, they ran to it.

Unfortunately, a car was coming. The squirrels dashed faster across the street, but the car rolled over the second squirrel's leg! The first, who had brought a first-aid kit, put a bandage on his friend's leg, and they continued.

Soon, they came to a stream. The squirrels did not know what to do. How would they get across?

Suddenly they saw a boat. They got in and rowed. But in front of them -- a waterfall! Down the squirrels tumbled.

Splash! Into the water they fell. They swam to the boat and went up the stream, up the stream that took them back to the meadow.

They ran across the meadow, and back to their elm tree. They had made it!

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Meredith said...

This is priceless, just my kind of story!! Way to go sweet boy!