Friday, February 22, 2008

My brush with greatness

For those of you who use the MAGNIFICAT magazine for your daily devotions, please turn to page 311 (yes, I'll wait...)

Blessed Pepin of Landen?

Direct ancestor.

Thank you.... thank you very much!

For those who do not have their latest copy available, here is his biography:

Layman (646)

Pepin served in the high office of "Mayor of the Palace" under three Frankish kings. In this station he distinguished himself as "a lover of peace, the constant defender of truth and justice, a true friend to all the servants of God, the terror of the wicked," and a "zealous and humble defender of religion." Pepin did not shrink from rebuking one of the kings he served, Dagobert I, after the latter had sunk into a life of vice. Pepin's censure ultimately led the monarch to repent of his sins. Before dying, Dagobert entrusted to Pepin the tutelage of his young son, Sigebert, who under the pious stateman's instructions became a saint. Pepin's daughters Gertrude and Begga are likewise venerated as saints. When after Pepin's death his body was transferred from its original resting place in Landen, Belgium, to the convent church of Livelles, it was noticed in the course of the procession that although a strong wind buffeted the participants, the lit candles they carried were not extinguished.

I am also a descendent of St. Begga.

So there you go!

I think it is amazing... and a wonderful testimony... that he is considered Blessed, he was married to a saint (St. Itta), and had two daughters canonized (St. Gertrude and St. Begga), AND taught the king's son, who also became a saint!


Beth said...

Wow Ouiz! The best I can do is claim 3 direct ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. No Saints, but according to my MIL the Mayflower thing is a pretty big deal :) I guess my kid will have to be the saint in the family!

Pepin would be a good name for your next kid too :)

Suburban Cowgirl said...

I just KNEW you were in touch with greatness! :)

Ouiz said...

Oh, thankyouthankyou! You're both too kind! *grin*

Beth, which ones were your ancestors? We read a book on the Mayflower recently (like, within the current school year) that listed all the people who originally came over. Perhaps your ancestors were some of the ones highlighted!

SCG, I have to tell you that I love the picture! You look great!

Lisa said...

THAT is so cool! A good friend of ours is a direct relation of St. Francis Borgia. That's something to live up to! The challenge for all of us is to be the saints of our generation, I guess!