Thursday, December 06, 2007

Feast of St. Nicholas

Happy St. Nicholas' Day!

Our parish actually had an Advent/St. Nicholas party last night, complete with a visit from the beloved saint himself. I think the kids were pretty impressed to see him come in, dressed quite a bit like the picture above. He sat down with the kids and talked to them for awhile, instructed them to live virtuous lives, and then had to leave... but not before leaving treats in their shoes, which were lined up 
(amazingly, rather neatly!) outside.

The kids got ANOTHER visit last night from St. Nicholas back at our house, who left more treats in their shoes. My floor is now littered with chocolate gold coin wrappers. (I know several "somebodies" who will be cleaning this up in a few minutes!)

Other than that, we will spend a portion of our homeschooling morning reading the St. Nicholas book we got from the library, as well as coloring pictures (and doing some word puzzles) found at the St. Nicholas Center website.

We call upon Your mercy, O Lord.
Through the intercession of St. Nicholas,
keep us safe amid all dangers
so that we may go forward without hindrance
on the road to salvation.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

(prayer from The Legend of St. Nicholas)


Lisa said...

How neat that your parish hosts a St. Nick party! Hmmm... Maybe we could sprout that idea at our church... Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!

Beth said...

Are you going to be coming around HERE?! That would be awesome! Make sure to let me know if you come.