Saturday, October 20, 2007

A week in review


Blogger seems to be having great difficulty this evening. I was hoping to finally sit down (while nursing) and upload some pictures but, alas, twas not meant to be.

I will say though that it's been a busy week... THREE birthdays (Kathryn's, Thomas', and finally Marie's today.), some homeschooling, a doctor's visit for Grace, and me not being able to do much of anything. I hate sitting down when there's work to be done, and I usually try to rush the healing process and wind up hurting myself; this week I behaved and did what I was supposed to do -- no lifting, no driving, no cleaning, etc etc etc. (do you know how difficult that is when the kitchen floor needs to be swept??) My parents and husband (and kids too, to some extent) jumped in and did everything that needed to be done, and I am so thankful. They have made recovery a heck of a lot easier.

What this week *did* provide for me (other than the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my parents, whom I miss terribly) was the time to talk to my kids, bond like crazy with our new little one, and do crafts (ones that I can put down at a moment's notice when a certain sweet little girl needs her Mommy)

Tomorrow my family will be going to an apple orchard and doing all sorts of fun activities -- picking apples and pumpkins, visiting a farm, going on a hayride, and learning about beekeeping. I wish Grace and I could go, but I know that an all-afternoon activity like that would be too much right now.


Oh well, we'll just have to have Daddy take LOTS of pictures, and we'll count it all as a homeschooling field trip!

Hopefully blogger will cooperate with me tomorrow, and I'll be able to post the pictures I was planning on posting tonight.

Final update: When the Lord answers prayer, He does so beautifully. Not even a single whisper of a panic attack since I got my rose. Thank You, Lord... and thank you, St. Therese, for your prayers.

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