Sunday, October 21, 2007

Let's not forget those who made it all possible!

Surviving this past week, that is!

The awards have to go out to my husband, my mom, and my dad.

For every meal cooked (especially Dad with his "chef's egg surprise" for breakfast... the surprise being, of course, that there *is* no egg...), dish washed, child bathed, load of laundry done (how did you keep up with all of it, Mom?), carpet vacuumed, and late night pharmacy run made, I say


They took care of everything, so I didn't try to overdo it and delay the healing process. They ran all the errands that needed to be done, from late night milk runs to getting art supplies and taking the kids to art and cello lessons.

Included in there also was all the extra time they took to make sure the other kids weren't forgotten. They spent time reading, playing, drawing, taking walks, and just snuggling and *listening* to the kids, so that they didn't feel like they were being totally ignored during this big change in our family's life.

I could NOT have made it through this week without you.

Honey, I love you with all my heart.

Mom and Dad, thank you for taking almost two weeks -- putting your lives on hold -- so that you could help me when I needed you the most.

And for my kids, y'all just rock. I couldn't ask for a better family than you!

I wil compose another "thank you ode" to my mother-in-law, who has graciously come to stay with us this week. As we speak, she and my husband are driving to the Apple Farm for an afternoon of apple picking, hay rides, corn mazes, and farm fun. God bless her for jumping in and doing what I can't do right now! I love you, Jeannie!

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Muddy Mama said...

Thank God for our caring families! I'm so glad you had help with all of that!

Ouiz, that sweet baby looks delicious! What a precious snuggly girl. I am so missing holding a little one in my arms!