Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Girl, where have you been?

I'm not sure, exactly... the days are just slipping by so fast (before Grace's arrival) and with it, most of my brain cells.

I'm struggling, people! *grin*

But still, things seem to be going well. Had a fantastic Bible study last night (And did I ever need it! God bless you all!!!), good report at the OB visit (still measuring right on track), a plumbing nightmare over the weekend was cleared up quickly and inexpensively, we've got a possible van lined up (a HUGE praise God for that one!) and even managed to get the house decorated for Fall! (ssshhhh.... do NOT tell my husband that I went up into the attic and got that box down!)


We all have those days when everything goes wrong, attitudes at home stink, and we wonder why we ever signed up for this vocation in the first place.

On days like that, I find that prayer, talking to a trusted friend, and a nice cold Frosty Joe works wonders.

But it's also important to document the GOOD days, when everything goes smoothly and the kids do exceptionally well. They deserve the praise, and it serves to encourage me.

So, with that in mind, let me say that for the past two days, my kids have been AMAZING!

Let me backtrack a minute, though. I have been re-reading Elizabeth Foss' Real Learning: Education in the Heart of the Home. I have been trying to remember (again) WHY I am doing this -- why I am homeschooling, the heart of my vocation as a mother, and why God has called us together as a family. I saw many points where I have become lazy, or allowed my selfishness to get in the way, and I turned again to the Lord to ask Him for all the grace I need to do what He wants me to do.

I think He answered that prayer mightily, because He enabled me to see each of my children with "new eyes" -- a greater appreciation for who they are, their strengths and good points, and the joy they bring to each day. I prayed specifically that they would know that they are a blessing, and not a nuisance, in my life.

With His grace, I have been able to truly say that I've ENJOYED being around them these past few days.

And this morning they stunned me.

I was trying to make some phone calls this morning (to line up a loan for our "new to us" van) and I just knew that we would be getting a mighty late start on homeschooling today.

Until Sean and Reilly came in. WITH their work in their hands. That they chose to get started on. WITHOUT my asking them.

I praised them up one side and down the other, and Reilly just said, "well actually, Mommy, all the credit goes to Sean. It was his idea."

More shock...

They continued on through the day, jumping in to take care of younger siblings without being asked, CLEANING UP without my having to ride them, having cheerful attitudes when normally they would be complaining, SITTING STILL in the loan officer's office for FORTY MINUTES while I got the loan application taken care of, and generally just being so sweet and wonderful I was halfway tempted to see if there were pods in the backyard.

I mean, they aren't normally complete hellions or anything, but they were just amazing the heck out of me today.

I told them in the car how proud I was of them, and that their behavior was just amazing, and that I couldn't imagine my life without them -- for the joy they bring to our lives, the way their very presence just blesses us, and how God is using them to help Daddy and I grow in holiness. You should have seen Reilly's face beaming!

I told them I would blog about all of this, so with that in mind, thank you:

Sean, for having a great attitude toward homeschooling, and for practicing your cello faithfully.

Reilly, for not dissolving into tears during math, but having a great attitude and just deciding that "trying again" isn't nearly so bad.

Kathryn, for buckling in your younger sister faithfully every time we get into the car without my even asking you to, and for playing with her when it would be much more fun to do something with someone else.

Christopher, for realizing that "whatever we do, we do to Jesus," and then trying so hard to live that out these past few days.

Thomas, for jumping right to it when Daddy and I asked you to clean up, and for all the extra hugs you've given me lately.

Marie, for every "Day-too, Mommy" you've said to me... even when I was cleaning up your messy diaper.

You guys are amazing, and I'm so blessed to be your Mommy! Thank you!!!


Beth said...

What a great family! Grace will be a very lucky girl to have all those older brothers and sisters!

patjrsmom said...

This is a great post about our choosing to embrace our vocation. We are doing a bible study on virtue (Stacy Mitch's Courageous Virtue book) and she affirmed what you found that when we start to act with love, then we become loving (even if we didn't *feel* that way to begin with). Thanks again for sharing!


Kristen Laurence said...

Oh my, what wonderful children! You deserve it. I love how you took the time out of your day to write this, count your blessings and thank your children. And you're right, we all have good and bad days - and to glorify God in thanksgiving for the good ones is so, so necessary.

You are such a beautiful mother, Ouiz.