Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Assumption day pictures

After Marie went down, we finally had the opportunity to bring out all the crayons and craft supplies and have some fun!

The kids just drew pictures of Our Blessed Mother on construction paper, cut her out, glued her onto the "sparkly blue" construction paper we have, and glued cotton ball "clouds" everywhere. Christopher was so happy with his picture he asked if we could "keep them up forever."

Well, at least through August.

Lest anyone come away with the mistaken notion that we're all so pious around here, let me share what happened while we were drawing --

Leave it to Sean (my oldest) to make us all start laughing. As he was drawing his version of Mary, his first comment was,

"Oh no! She looks like a Mom!"
"Of course she does," I answered, "... she *is* a Mom!"
"No... I mean she looks like a 'today' sort of Mom!"

I gotta admit... his Blessed Virgin picture does have a "June Cleaver" sort of feel to it.

Then, as he kept drawing, he started laughing to himself and asked, "Do you think it would be completely inappropriate to draw her with her shoe falling off as she is taken into Heaven?"

We all just lost it after that.

Kathryn, Reilly, and Christopher's pictures...

And Sean and Thomas' pictures...

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Muddy Mama said...

Christopher seems to have a great gift for humor. My daughter and I are still giggling over here.

I love all of the kids' pictures! What a good idea.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and the kind comments you left. Right back at ya! I've been enjoying your site for a couple of months now. Lovely family. Lovely mom!