Friday, August 31, 2007

For those who were wondering...

...why on earth I make poor Thomas walk around with hair in front of his eyes (see pictures below), let me state for the record:

It is his choice! Really!

If I so much as brush the hair out of his eyes, he will very firmly say, "No Mommy... God gave me 'hanging down hair'!" and proceed to put it right back where it was.

[Not that I mind, really. With the humidity down here, his hair usually falls into the cutest little ringlets, and it saddens me to think of them being cut off.]

Still, it's his choice.

When I took the boys for their latest haircut, I let each one of them tell the stylist what they wanted. When it was Thomas' turn, he very sweetly looked at the lady and said,

"I want to look like Bilbo." (as in Baggins.... as in, yes, a hobbit....)

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