Thursday, July 26, 2007


I am smarter than 96.55% of the rest of the world.
Find out how smart you are.

Good to know I'm qualified to homeschool my kids!

For the record, my husband scored the same. Good thing, or one of us would have been miserable for the rest of the week while the other... well... gloated....

[h/t Happy Catholic, one of my favorite blogs]


suburbancowgirl said...

Let the gloating begin:
Your Number Correct: 25/25 You are smarter than 97.83% of the populaton.
Are you a genius? Find out!

Average Number Correct: 18.67/25
Percentile: 97.83%
Time Taken: 01:47

hubby of Suburban Cowgirl. No, I did NOT change the time taken number from 11 to 01. Ok, gotta go to confession now.

Ouiz said...

We're not worthy!
We're not worthy!

I would have been right there with you, if I hadn't messed up on the meters/miles thing...