Sunday, July 08, 2007

More fun on a Sunday afternoon

Daddy and Sean spent all afternoon building a Lego amusement park (the little pegs are people):

A ferris wheel --

A roller coaster --

And a "shooting star" (a ride that takes you up and down) --

And Reilly and I took turns drawing each other:

Meanwhile, Christopher and Thomas had fun with the Cheerios book, Kathryn taught me how to make paper fish (and learned how to make paper stars), and Marie just enjoyed life!

Hope your Sunday was just as relaxing!


Beth said...

Oh my goodness! That face is SO GOOD! I didn't know you were an artist. Let's see some more of your work :) I know a cute little baby over at my blog you could draw :) :)

Ouiz said...

Oh Beth, thank you! I was pretty happy with how the drawing turned out.

Reilly was VERY proud of her drawing. She was trying out different techniques, and she squealed with delight, "Mommy! I think this is the best drawing of you I've EVER DONE!!!"

Your daughter Madeleine is SUCH a cute little girl... I don't think I've ever tried to draw babies before, but maybe sometime I'll "give it a go"!