Monday, July 02, 2007

I've GOT to read this book

The Curt Jester reviewed this book on Amazon, and if it is half as funny as this quote, it's going to be hysterical!

[talking about the bad hymns we're subjected to at Mass]

"Here I am, Lord." This hymn depicts a human soul responding to the call of Christ--but the music is whiny and grim, evoking in most people's minds a can of rancid potted meat, being slowly spread by windshield wipers across a plate of dirty auto glass. You hear Christ calling all right--but you feel like He's some hobo who's tapping at your window at 4 a.m. to wake you from a sound sleep so He can ask you directions to Dunkin' Donuts. You don't so much want to answer Him as clock him with a slipper. Sung in a sleepwalking, zombie rhythm, its use at Communion time produces a strikingly cinematic effect, which film critics have dubbed "The Church of the Living Dead." Here again, we have a chance to bring good out of evil: In preliminary tests, use of this song by military interrogators has proved successful, slightly more humane replacement for water-boarding."


Beth said...

Adios Ct? That's like 30 seconds from my house :) I wish you guys still lived here!

Yeah, now that everyone is talking about the "bad hymns," I notice it a lot more. I never did before but now that I know they're not liturgically correct, it just bugs me :)

Ouiz said...

The hymns just sadden me because they are so whiny, human-focused, shallow, and devoid of much theological content (how's THAT for my opinion?) I cringe at the thought that my kids will remember songs like "City of God" or "Gather Us In" with a certain kind of nostalgia, as if those were the "good old days."

Beth said...

Yeah I know! I"m going to have to talk to our music director :) We have a Sunday evening mass that is for young adults, and it's mostly praise/worship music. That is not so bad. But I'm getting tired of the other ones in the Gather book!

I will wave to your house! You should see it around here now. Hardly any meadows left. Kinda sad. Did you know the Kaelins? They have lived in Adios ct. for a long time.

And thanks for not "looking down" on me for not homeschooling. I feel like some homeschooling moms do.

Ouiz said...

There was NO ONE else on our street when we lived there. We had the cul-de-sac all to ourselves. (we moved in 1985).

And WHAT IS UP with the Gather "hymnal"? Don't get me started on the inclusive language! (or the "Chiquita Banana Hallelujah" which, tragically, is my children's favorite... "Halle, halle, halle, looo hoo yah!")

Too sad. Too sad.

As for homeschooling -- I know some who feel that if it's right for their family, it must be right for EVERYBODY. I don't agree. The Lord gives the right kids to the right parents, and those parents seek to do what's best for their children education-wise. If I had a parochial school in a traditional parish 5 minutes from my house that was run by the Nashville Dominicans and was paid for solely with our tithe I would most definitely give it a go! I kinda think you'd be crazy NOT to! *grin*

Have a great day!

Beth said...

I drove by your old house this morning on the way to work - it is big and really pretty! It's on the reservoir too so it has a beautiful backyard. You definitely can't see OLMC from there anymore, but it's within walking distance to the pool, clubhouse and playground. It's really one of the biggest houses on the street.

I've only heard the Halle Halle once at our church - at the childrens mass. But when I went to Ball State, it was an every week occurence....(And I played guitar for mass so I not only had to sing it, I had to play it!)

PS. We're getting a new batch of Nashville Dominicans this year - now we'll have 6 instead of 3! Hopefully by the time Madeleine gets to Kindergarten, they'll have one in every grade!