Saturday, July 07, 2007

In a Crafting Mood

Ever just get bitten by the urge to make something? I do, and this evening I had the chance to indulge for just a little while...

This first one is my super-huge homeschooling/Bible study/library book bag. True, it looks a bit goofy (and in fact I'm probably going to redo the top tomorrow) but I'm still pretty happy with it... and here's why:

It was a "dumpster-dive."

Yep, I found a chair on the side of the road that was in sad, sad shape, but ONE CUSHION still looked great. I took the cushion (and washed the heck out of it) and stuck it in my fabric box, just waiting for a chance to use it. After being frustrated with the "smallness" of my other book bags, I decided to use the cushion (since I loved the fabric). The handles are denim material given to me by my neighbor years ago. In other words, this was a freebie.

The skirt was a desperation skirt. I've been loaned so many wonderful maternity tops, but had no plain skirt to go with any of them! After being haunted by the skirt my MEEZ is wearing, I was on a mission... and came across this fabric from my "neighborhood Mart of Wall." They are selling crinkle skirt material by the yard -- pre-hemmed, pre-elastized and all. All it takes is one seam and voila! Clothing problem solved!

Finally, I made myself a rosary this evening. I love to bead, and these colors really caught my attention. Unfortunately, the pictures aren't doing it justice. It is REALLY a lot prettier in person. The whole thing just sparkles!

So, those were my crafts for this evening. Hopefully tomorrow I'll fix my bag, and then get started on scrapbooking our latest vacation pictures, before the urge fades and I wait another month or so for it to strike again!

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Matilda said...

Very nice! I love the rosary. I can't believe you just whipped that up.