Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How Now, Square Cow?

My dear friend Suburban Cowgirl was so sweet to encourage me months ago and ask for "square cow" -- and so, here it is.

Square cow didn't scan well, but you get the general idea. She hangs in a purple frame in our playroom.

My husband has mentioned for years now how he'd like me to make a few more of these (different animals, of course) for the playroom.

Maybe I'll finally get off my duff and get around to it... and to scrapbooking... while the creative/nesting phase is still going strong! Otherwise, phhhhhhffffft. Nothing for several more years.

I'm just sad that way.


Entropy said...

That is so cute!

suburbancowgirl said...


It's SQUARE COW!!!!!


(I vote for: Triangle Chicken as your next endevour!)

Beth said...

I love it! I'd buy a few if you ever sell them :)

Kristen Laurence said...

So fun and so cute for a kids room or play room!

Ouiz said...

TRIANGLE CHICKEN??? Oh, that is so funny! (then again, how is that any different from a square cow? Or round pig? or rhombus rooster?)

Thank you guys for all the encouragement... my husband has been trying to get me to do stuff for years!

If I ever sell anything, y'all will be the first to know!

Karen E. said...

Be careful what you say ... you may be swamped with orders soon. :-)

The Square Cow is so cute.

Ouiz said...

Thank you!!!

I used to make cow pins (as in jewelry) that used the same basic design... and I made Square Cow into throw pillows for my youngest brother and sister once (who had this "cow collection thing" going on for awhile).

I really need to make some different animals for this set... like, before my kids are too old to enjoy them!