Friday, June 15, 2007

Thank God for my girls

What would I do without Reilly (8) and Kathryn (6)?

They give of themselves so selflessly, and I just stand back amazed. How on earth did I get blessed with these two?

With smiles on their faces they are the first to volunteer for whatever job I need help with... the first to come running to the table when I say it's time for homeschooling... and the first to comfort me on days when I just lose it.

They play together so wonderfully well, and are quick to let others join in on the fun.

I thought about that this morning after Kathryn came bounding in from outside, asking if I could put Marie's shoes on so they could play with her. When she was ready they grabbed her by the hands, led her into the backyard, and played games that were on her level. I watched from the kitchen window as they "chased" her around the yard as she shrieked in delight... put her on the trampoline and sat while she "bounced"... then gently took her off, sat in the grass, and showed her the magical world of insects and flowers.

I'm sure they would have had a lot more fun playing by themselves, and yet they took the time to include a little girl who will always cherish the time her big sisters took to be with her.

I am so proud of them.


Kristen Laurence said...

They are beautiful girls! What sweethearts. :)

Beth said...

Girls are great - Yay for girls! And yours are beautiful. And you have another one on the way.. hooray!

Karen E. said...

They are beautiful, and so sweet!

I, too, often ask myself how I came to be so incredibly blessed as to have such wonderful girls! :-)