Monday, June 11, 2007

Is it improper...

...blogger manners to point others out to another blog site where you are being interviewed?

If it is, forgive me.

If not, I'll just say that Jennifer over at Et Tu, Jen? (a fantastic blog, by the way. Be prepared to stay awhile and read all the archives!) is interviewing moms of larger families, and she was so sweet to ask me to participate.

Her first question was:

Q: To paraphrase what so many people in our society would think about having so many children: Why? It would have been so much less expensive and less work and less strain to limit (or at least try to limit) your family to just two or three children. What would you say to that?

If you'd like to see my answer, as well as the answers other moms have given, please hop over to her blog and take a look!


Beth said...

That was beautiful! I struggled with infertility before I had Madeleine. I'm hoping for many many more kids. They are such blessings for one another too. I always wished my mom had more children.

I know, I never understand why people would purposely try not to get pregnant (for not a good reason.) I'm never going to do that again. (we used NFP for the first two years of marriage to prevent pregnancy, and I regret it!) Then it took us two more years to conceive our baby. She's been the greatest blessing EVER in our lives and I thank God every single day for her.

Jennifer F. said...

I'd say it's definitely not bad manners! Your readers read your blog because they like to hear what you have to say, so it would really be a disservice to them to not point them to your interview!

Can't wait to post your other awesome responses!

Ouiz said...

Jennifer... thank you! (and I really do love your blog! I finally updated MY list and got you on it!)

Beth... they turn our world upside down, and cause us ridiculous amounts of stress sometimes... and we can't even BEGIN to imagine how dull and empty life would be without them, right?

My mom passed along some great advice to me. She told me that I would NEVER feel emotionally or financially ready for children. Ever. So if I was waiting for this miraculous sign from Heaven that now was the time to start, I would never get around to having children.

And I see so many people waiting for such a sign!

"Oh, you must just be so patient... I could never do that.."

"Well, your husband must just make tons of money. Most people can't afford that many kids..."

"I just don't think I'm ready to be somebody's Mommy. Perhaps when I'm more settled in my career..."

I'm just afraid that people are waiting for feelings that will never come, and are robbing themselves unnecessarily of the joys... and the opportunities to "grow in holiness"... that comes from having children.

Praise God for His gift marvelous gift to you! May you and your husband be blessed with many more!!!