Monday, April 02, 2007

Light blogging

Christopher and Thomas are still really sick right now, so prayers would be appreciated!

As I've been taking care of little ones who feel really lousy right now, I'm reminded again of St. Therese. She had a certain sister in her convent who drove her nuts, so out of love for the Lord -- and that sister -- she purposely volunteered to take this woman around, assist her, and even cut up her food for her and then... when she had done all she could... give her "her best smile."


When *I* am faced with cranky little ones (hmmm. that would be Thomas and Marie) who refuse to be pleased no matter WHAT I do, giving them that extra bit of help and "my best smile" is NOT the first thing that comes to mind.

Not by a long shot.

*MY* first instinct is to yell, followed closely by hiding away in the bathroom for a minute or two for a moment of peace and quiet before trying to face the unappeasable ones. While I find it to be a most understandable reaction, the fact is that choices like that will not help me grow in virtue.

So, I'll have to pray for extra grace to minister to the "Sr. St. Peters" in my life and truly give them "my best smile"... and pray that they get better soon!!!

[as a side note, let me say that Christopher has been a trouper. He's just slept quietly on the couch the whole time.]

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