Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Sorry... you wouldn't want me to call you sweetie, now would you? (but who could resist with that face?)

Here's to my sweet, wonderful little boy who is now FIVE years old!

Five years old and you keep us in stitches. No matter what the situation, we can count on you to make a statement that will be long remembered... whether it's a bizarre question:

"Daddy, do my feet look trapezoidal to you?" (asked at age 2)

A statement that makes sense the more you think about it:

"You know... I can't see my own face. That's how I know I'm me." (age 3)

Or just some helpful advice to his younger brother (as someone "older in the Faith"):

"Thomas, don't even joke about it! (cutting up a worm) That worm is one of God's own creations! How would you like it if someone cut up something you worked so hard on?"

**I still laugh every time I picture God working hard on creating a worm**

You ALWAYS make us smile. Everyone who knows you always says, "you know... there's just something SO special about Christopher..."

You are an amazing big brother to Thomas and Marie, and take care of them (literally!) while I homeschool the others. Our neighbor next door has said many times that she wishes she could ask you to come over and babysit, because you love to play with her little ones as well. I never have to worry about you playing too rough around little kids. You have an amazing, gentle heart that just astounds me.

You are also, however, all boy. Who else would specifically ask for a T-Rex cake? (you called it your "carnivorous cake" all day today). You asked me to supply some sort of prey dangling from it's mouth, but -- sorry, sweetie -- Mommy just isn't going to do that. I admit, that would have been cool, but there's only so much I can do with two round cakes and a limited amount of time and decorations.

That's OK. You still thought the cake looked good, and having it "eat" the number 5 candle was a decent "second-best" option.

Here's to you, my love. You make me smile... you are always fascinating to be around... and I am so blessed and proud to be your Mommy.

I love you!


Ladybug Mommy Maria said...

Happy! Happy Birthday!

Love his wit and his sayings!

And that cake is precious, too!


God Bless!

Beth said...

Sounds like a sweet, funny boy! Happy Birthday Christopher!

Kristen Laurence said...

Happy Birthday, Christopher! Indeed, what a blessing you are to your mommy, and to us who get to learn about you!!

Now, are you already taken? My daughter is four, and you seem like a perfect fit for her! :)

Malia said...

And now one of my remembrances for the Christopher archive. One day when he was two he was looking into your fish tank and said, "Mommy, I would not eat those fish." You replied, "Why not, Christopher?" "Because," he said, "they are still moving."

Happy Birthday to Christopher, friend to fish and worms alike!

Ouiz said...

OH my gosh, Malia!!! I had totally forgotten that one!

I can't stop laughing...

That is just so... him.

I think I'm going to have to put that one in a post.