Monday, March 12, 2007

St. Patrick's Day planning

My time in front of the computer has been greatly reduced... and I just have NOT been feeling well lately... which adds up to ONE BORING BLOG as of late.

I'm sorry!

I've been feeling so out of it that I haven't even made plans for one of the "biggest" celebrations at our house... St. Patrick's Day!! (I mean, seriously, how sad is that?? I'm sorry, Dad!)

So, in order to rectify my most horrific lapse, I invite you to stop over at Tales from the Bonny Blue House to see "The Loveliness of St. Patrick's Day" fair. If you are a language nut like I am, make sure to listen to the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be in Gaelic. (the language is just so beautiful! My girls have a Gaelic tape that they listen to at night, and the language reminds me of the sound of water flowing over rocks...)

If you're looking for coloring pages -- and if your kids are like mine, I KNOW this is a top priority -- look no further than this beautiful page from Catholic Heritage Curricula!

Here's hoping that you all will have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day this weekend!


aka_Meritt said...

Thanks for the link to those prayers... those were beautiful to listen to!

Also it was interesting to sit and think about the prayers we say in all the different languages and to realize that God and Mary and Jesus and the Saints can understand what our hearts are saying even though the languages are so very different.

Beth said...

Thanks for that link about the coloring pages! My nieces and nephew are coming over for a St. Patricks day celebration on Saturday, and I will print those out for them!

Hope you are doing well!

Ouiz said...

Meritt--exactly! I have always been fascinated by languages, and I love hearing and reading prayers in other languages as well.

You know those Gideon's Bibles in hotels? I was always the weirdo looking at the "Our Father" written in Urdu and thinking, "Wow! Jesus actually UNDERSTANDS this!"

I personally would like to think that English is the "official" language of Heaven, however! [grin]

Beth--How are you finding time to read blogs with a brand new baby? You must be a LOT more organized than *I* was with my first. I couldn't even find time to shower regularly! (ewww)

Isn't that the best coloring page? I love the stuff they have on CHC's site, and my kids LUV their coloring pages. It'll keep them busy for quite some time!

Ouiz said...
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Beth said...

It's only because I figured out how to nurse her in the sling with no hands! ;-)
Not to mention I"m not doing any laundry or housework - because whenever she needs her diaper changed, Ken jumps up and finds something to do real quick - like laundry or dishes - fine with me!
And I have been taking showers at night while Ken holds her for 20 minutes - it's working well so far!