Monday, March 19, 2007

Feast Day of St. Joseph

Ah, the excitement was in the air early this morning. This, THIS was the day that Mommy made cream puffs!

I know there are so many moms out there that do a much better job incorporating the liturgical year into their home lives, but at our house, things tend to revolve around food and decorations. The way I view it, I'm creating little mental pegs that my children will be able to hang more information from as they get older.

If that means cream puffs, so be it.

Of course, during our homeschooling day we read about St. Joseph, and I had the children draw a picture of him and write something about him (appropriate to their ages). It is always a thrill for me to see exactly what they have retained, and what their mental images are of the saints we discuss. Sean (my oldest) did a great job writing a page on St. Joseph... although as he watched his sister Reilly draw a picture of the Nativity, a discussion ensued over the names of the wise men, which resulted in him turning Melchior into "Melt-ior," and drawing a mighty fine picture of a man melting (with an appropriate look of distress on his face) on the top of the paper.

Oh well.

I would love to be the picture-perfect model of what a Catholic homeschooling family should look like, but that just "ain't gonna happen." We learn, we joke around, and sometimes, we're only excited about the desserts that are associated with a certain feast day.

I don't feel too bad about that.

I went to a parochial school for a good part of my elementary/junior high years, and I got a healthy dose of catechesis mixed with the natural goofing around that comes from little kids. Was I the model of reverence at all times? Heck no. Did I take my faith seriously at that age? Again, I can't say I did. It was just a "given," but I didn't focus on it more than that.

But the Holy Spirit was at work, even then. The lessons sunk in deeply, and when He was ready, He brought it back up so that He could use it. I pray that He will do the same for my children.

In the meantime, enjoy another cream puff and watch out for Melt-ior!

UPDATE: for next year, I'm going here for some coloring pages!


MaryM said...

Mine are always excited about the feast day desserts and often I wonder if that's all they remember, too!

Kristen Laurence said...

Those cream puffs look wonderful!

I too don't do all the lovely crafts and projects out there, though I do admire many of them. I select things that suit my own taste and lifestyle, and I'm confident our children gain beautiful life lessons from whatever we do. We are their mothers, after all.

Today all I did was bring a bouquet of lilies to St. Joseph's statue at mass with my girls. It was simple, but so lovely!

JennGM said...

The puffs are perfect! You are so way ahead of me for making those! Every year I pull out the cookbooks, make plans to make something tradition for St. Joseph and NEVER do.

Ouiz said...

Thank you all for commenting! The cream puffs *were* pretty darn good.

And Kristen, you're right. We each have to find that special groove that works for us and for our families. I will not win any "awards," but that's not what I'm working towards anyway... right? *grin*

ThG said...

You're all doing way better than I am in this department. All I get is blank stares and eye-rolls from my teenager. My husband doesn't really get the point either. They were not brought up Catholic so they just don't get it. For now I just mention the feast day.