Thursday, February 01, 2007

We have snow!!!

As you recall, my kids were recently forced to eat icicles off of leaves in a rather pitiful attempt to capture that "winter magic"... but no more!

We got snow!!

2.5 inches, actually... which is an amazing amount of snow for where we live. Schools were closed, most people didn't go to work, and life basically came to a halt.

It even made my back yard look kinda pretty...

"Wow! If snow is that infrequent where you live, Ouiz, isn't it hard to dress your children for that sort of weather?"

I'm glad you asked... and yes, it is. This sad, sad photo shows the depths that we must sink to in order to make sure that everyone has SOMETHING warm to put on.

That's embarrassing. We had mis-matched mittens, boys wearing girl's hats, and children borrowing clothes from their siblings to make sure that they stayed warm.

Since this was Marie's first snow, however, I thought I would dedicate most of this post to photos of her.

Here she is trying to figure out what the heck this white stuff is, and if she really wanted to go out in it.

Christopher was determined that he was going to make a REAL snowman, with a carrot for a nose.

Marie was truly impressed.

Reilly wanted to make sure that she gave Marie her very first sledding ride (she's such a good big sister!!)

Daddy got into the act later on (he was one of the few who actually WENT to work today). He wanted to participate in her "first snow" too...

And finally, here's the view from my laundry room window. My friends know this as the "Jesus garden," and I just thought the view was nice with snow all around. PLUS, we'd really like to thank Him again for such a wonderful gift of SNOW!!!


suburbancowgirl said...

hold on a minute - is dh actually wearing a tie? (i know, i know, i'm impressed w/ the snow photos too, but if that's a tie....THAT floors me!)

Ouiz said...

Ah, things have changed since you left! He dresses up like this every day for work now.

I think he cleans up rather nicely! ;-)

Alexandra said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I laughed out loud at your mention of mismatched gloves, and other snow paraphernalia. That's us, although I probably wouldn't have noticed. They look fine to me...too cute!