Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is what passes for entertainment around here

"Hello, my name is Marie, and I pitched a fit until my Daddy put this on my forehead. After that, I was one happy little camper."

"See? Don't I look cool? Don't I look happy?"

"It fell off!
Why aren't you putting it back on me?
Why are you laughing at me? Stop it!
I don't laugh at you!"

"Fine, then... I'll figure out how to put it on myself."

And words I never thought I would hear:

"Look, Mommy! Christopher is an angler fish!!"


suburbancowgirl said...

with those fun images in my head, how can I have anything but good dreams tonight? :)

Ouiz said...

You're sweet, my friend!

Suzanne said...

Ouiz: I LOVE your blog! Where have I been???? I have found myself in constant laughter and finding lots of food for thought.

These are such cute pictures and that is exactly what she's thinking. I look forward to many more visits!

Ouiz said...

Suzanne, THANK YOU for your wonderful comment!!!

I found you when through the Catholic modesty thread on 4REal, I believe, and I thought, "alright! Another mom wearing skirts! Praise God I'm not alone!"

MaryM said...

Both are very funny images. Children are so entertaining