Tuesday, January 09, 2007


My husband made the girls some bunk beds!

Now, perhaps at your house, bunk beds aren't a cause for celebration... but here at Chez Ouiz, AKA "Dinkytown Estates," space is at a premium, and bunk beds have been needed for quite some time.

You see, we've been kicked out of our own room for about a year now.

Yes, our bedroom has been "the baby's room." We've had to make due with sleeping on couches and basically, after a year, all the "fun" has worn off.

This isn't the first time we've had to do this. No, for most of our married life, we've had to pull out blow up mattresses, or sleep on couches, or in sleeping bags, as we made room for yet another little one to add to our tribe.

It's been a blessing, but in a small house with a large family, something's gotta give. And in our case, our bedroom was always the "sacrificial offering."

But, now that Marie is old enough to be put into the girls' room, we needed to be able to actually PUT the crib in there. It was physically impossible with the twin beds in there, so voila! My ever-faithful, industrious husband got to work. In two days he was able to design and build these beds (let me state that they are NOT finished. He has a lot of finishing work he wants to do, like building shelves, putting in lights, painting and making it "pretty," plus building a trundle bed that will be Marie's later on, when she graduates to "big girl bed" status.)

Still, I needed to share our joy!!

Get in Daddy's way while he works? NEVER!

There's nothing my Daddy can't do!

The girls, very excited to be in their new beds!


Wonder_Twin said...

Congrats on the new beds! I'm sure it will clear up more than a little room for the girls. I am sad to see my old bed frames go away...you know, you can see your little brother's name carved into the footboard of one of those two beds.

Memories. Take a look before you throw them out.

Again, congrats.

Katherine said...

Wow! Your husband is so talented. He did a beautiful job.

aka_Meritt said...

I'm excited for you!!!! :)

Ouiz said...

Wondertwin, you KNOW I'm not getting rid of the twin beds!!!! No way! We'll store them up in the attic, so they will always be around.

Katherine and Meritt, thank you! My husband says that now we can (gasp) actually work on making OUR room look nice!

Kristen Laurence said...

That work is awesome! When I first started to read your post I was excited for you, but then to discover your husband MADE the beds??? Amazing.

Ouiz said...

Thank you! I'm pretty proud of the stuff he does around here -- he did the addition on our house, has made our dining room table, the island and the breakfast nook, the office, etc.

He's an amazing guy and we are all pretty fond of him! ;-)

Beth Pack said...

Wow that is amazing! Great job!