Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bunk beds... updated

My husband has been working faithfully this weekend (while watching the kids on Saturday afternoon, no less!) on the bunk beds.

I think he's doing a fantastic job! Everyone give him a round of applause!! (especially for working on it faithfully while allowing me the freedom to go out yesterday for some much needed "moms night out" activities -- Catholic bookstore, Mass, and then dinner at an Indian restaurant)

He's added the "fancier" railing and added a bookshelf behind the headboard so that the girls could have a place for their stuff.

The trundle bed will hopefully be built tomorrow, and then I (ahem) get the privilege of painting it.

My husband wants me to take a vote: should he add steps to get to the top bunk (there would be shelving underneath them), a slightly sloped ladder, or just a plain vertical ladder? I will not try to sway your opinions... but I will say that *MY* opinion is, in fact, the correct one.


suburbancowgirl said...

Let's see if I have the 'mind' of Ouiz.....

Vertical ladder - too dull and boring (but it would be the easiest to build)

Sloping ladder - higher on the 'cool-looking' scale

Steps - whoa Nellie! Did I hear 'storage space'? Sounds like a winner to me!

BTW - the fancy side rail looks beautiful! Your dh is quite talented - especially given the workshop he possesses. Bravo from the Suburban CowFamily!

Kristen Laurence said...

That bed is amazing. Would you tell your husband my girls need a bookcase?! :) I would choose the sloping ladder, but it's your home - go with the one you really want! How fun.

Ouiz said...

As you can see on the latest update, I bowed out of the decision, so my opinion got "booted to the curb."

That's ok, though... the kids think the stairs are soooooooooooo incredible!

Kristen: ;-)