Thursday, December 28, 2006


...and absolutely LOVING the book that my wonderful friend Christy bought for me: "By What Authority? An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition" by Mark Shea.

I read his blog quite often (although you'd never know it from looking at my blog roll to the left because, silly me, I don't list even half of the ones that I visit on a regular basis. Don't ask me why...) and I love his writing style.

Seriously, this is (so far) a great book. In just one example, I will give you a snippet of what he has to say about The Jesus Seminar (the "Bible scholars" who basically think that the Gospels are made up stories and that Jesus never really said any of those things mentioned in the Gospels).

"In short, the members of the Jesus Seminar, like Dr. Science, Know More Than You Do. In fact, they even know more than the people who actually knew Jesus and shared his culture, language, table, and trials. The Jesus Seminar knows that the apostles, not having Ph.D.s or telescopes, were cruelly hampered in their ability to recall even a little of the most compelling figure they ever knew... [they] ask us to believe that the Misunderstood Sage of Nazareth was a figure so riveting, inspiring, charismatic, and mesmerizing that he galvanized a movement of deeply devoted disciples into ignoring everything he said and did, utterly forgetting his unforgettable oratoryand replacing it with reams of quotations and stories about him having the historical value of a fever dream... So deeply inspired by the awesome figure of Jesus were they that, out of profound reverence for Him, they obliterated virtually every trace of his memory and substituted in its place the ingenious fabrication called the gospel."

Hysterical, wonderful book. Thank you, Christy!! It'll be coming your way soon!

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