Monday, December 11, 2006

Feast Day: Our Lady of Guadalupe

I know, I know... I should post these sorts of things SEVERAL days beforehand, so that I can get ready a week (or so) in advance, rather than trying to do everything the night before.

I'm trying, people... honestly!

I am, however, putting together a "Liturgical Year Notebook," (like so many others at 4Real Learning have done) so that I won't have to re-invent the wheel every year with my kids. Consider it a mix of Catholic Mosaic, A Continual Feast, downloads from everywhere, and a healthy dose of what works for us, and hopefully it will be a book we will use... and add to... every year.

OK, so how about the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe?

We will start out, of course, with the book The Lady of Guadalupe by Tomie de Paola. This is a wonderful book that I bought for my kids last year, and thankfully none of them have picked it up in awhile, so it will feel "new" to them all over again!

Then we will do a Juan Diego coloring page. I absolutely love what Elizabeth Foss has done for her unit study on the 2nd week of Advent, and her picture of Juan Diego (with fold-down tilma, no less!) is a great idea. We will be adapting our coloring page with an additional construction paper tilma because, come on... you know that kids will LOVE to play with this all day.

I'm still pondering what our copywork will be for tomorrow. We are working our way through various verses in Isaiah and others throughout the OT that coincide with our Jesse Tree activities. However, I think I will at least have the kids look up Revelation 12:1 so that they can see the symbolism.

Then, of course, we'll be watching Juan Diego: Messenger of Guadalupe during lunch. (Thank God for our parish and our wonderful DRE who ordered all these videos we're using during Advent! God bless you, Jane!!)

Finally, we need to have some type of Mexican food for supper. This will be difficult since we had two of our favorite Mexican meals recently. I have to admit, the kids and I have been enamoured with the idea of tamales ever since we read Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto years ago, but I'm thinking that would be a VERY time-consuming endeavor that an amateur like me should not undertake. There are all sorts of other ideas that we can run with, like crock pot chicken tacos, white bean enchiladas, crock frijoles, black beans and rice, etc.

If anyone needs more suggestions on how to celebrate this feast day, I strongly recommend the posting at Real Education, O Night Divine, A Living Education, and, of course, the fun 3-D coloring book from Illuminated Ink.

Have fun, everyone!


Tracy said...

This is my first year HS and I am just finding all of these awesome ideas (Real Learning stuff) so I am working on like a few days ahead for planning right now. i hope to catch up on planning a bit over our break. We did a few OLG things too. Love that Tomie book!

Alice said...

Happy Feast to you and your family!

MaryM said...

Great feast day post. We, too, love the book Too Many Tamales. I know this is late (past the feast day), but wanted to comment on your fears of making tamales. I had always felt that way - very intimadated by the thought of doing it. A couple of years ago I tackled it with a friend and found it really wasn't that hard. It does take some time but with lots of hands not too bad. The recipe book I really found helpful, funny enough, is Josefina's Cook Book from the American Girls Doll series. Great pictures and instructions.

Ouiz said...

Thank you! I'll look in the library and see if they have that book, and then we can tackle them! The kids would have a BLAST, since they've wanted to try them ever since they first read that book.

Speaking of books and recipes, ever try the Thunder Cake recipe in Patricia Polacco's book? It's FANTASTIC!