Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More sickness

This week was already busy. Now, on top of everything else, we've got several with colds, and an almost one-year old who spent most of last night "getting sick," shall we say.

It's been another BIG laundry day for Mommy.

There is NO homeschooling this week. (are you CRAZY???)

But, God has been gracious. In light of everything going on in the world, this is truly small stuff. People, floors, and clothing can be washed. (It's gross, but it can be washed). Sleepy people eventually DO get to sleep. Times like these come and go, and thankfully most times we are healthy.

In the meantime, I am called to be Jesus to my family. (I didn't say I was succeeding) They need compassion, care, and the extra hug from time to time. If I ask Him for His grace and strength, this can be a good learning time for all of us.

It's OK if the house falls apart for now.

I can just snuggle in, enjoy my kids for who they are (even in the midst of the whining) and remember that each corporal work of mercy is being done for the Lord.

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