Sunday, October 01, 2006

I gotta laugh at this one

In our paper this morning we had this article (which came from the LA Times):


The days of of birthday cupcake -- smothered in a slurry of sticky frosting and with a dash of rainbow sprinkles -- may be numbered in schoolhouses across the nation.

Fears of childhood obesity have led schools to discourage and sometimes even ban what were once de rigueur grammar-school treats.

'They can bring carrots,' said Laura Ott, assistant to the superintendent of Saddleback Valley Unified School District, in Orange County, California, which this month started limiting non-nutritious classroom treats to three times per year. 'A birthday doesn't have to be associated with food.'

My problem isn't with nutritious food. Obviously, as a mother, I want my kids to eat healthy. My problem with this (and the article goes on, of course) is the whole "nanny feeling" coming from the school districts.

I have to ask: why do they not trust kids to make proper food choices, and yet think they are fully capable of making sexual choices?

"I'm sorry, little Suzy. You can't have a candy bar, but you can have this condom!"


Here is yet another reason why we homeschool.


Tim said...

"'They can bring carrots"


Does she realize how that sounds?

Ouiz said...

I laughed out loud at that one, too. I can't imagine any child saying, "ooh! It's my birthday! I hope I can have CARROTS!!!"

suburbancowgirl said...

Personally, broccoli is healthier :)

I wonder if you would need to provide ranch dip as well?

wait, thinking about what you said, why don't parents just send condoms as birthday 'treats' instead? I AM NOT ADVOCATING THIS!

I'm glad I homeschool too!

Jennifer F. said...

Of all the reasons I've been turned off to the public school systems, it was actually "little" stuff like this that pushed me over the edge when considering homeschooling.

When I heard that our school district found that having a December "holiday party" might be too offensive so it's now a "winter party," that was it for me. Hope they enjoy their carrots at the winter party. :)