Sunday, September 24, 2006

We're surviving...

Just in case anyone wanted an update.

As of right now Thomas and I are recovering, and the rest of the family is down, down, down, with the notable exception of Sean, who somehow seems to have escaped all of this so far. He's been a huge help to me -- cooking soup, cleaning the floor, pouring juice, and making lunches for his siblings so I didn't have to. I have promised the kids that there will be a good, healthy meal awaiting us when we get through this, but so far there's not been much excitement over the prospect of "eating." So for now, it's popsicles, saltines, and gatorade.

My dear friend Margaret has reminded me that even a horrible stomach bug like this is being used for our sanctification. My personal thoughts have been more along the line of "I bet St. Therese would have handled this a whole lot better than I have!", along with more obvious "please, not on the carpet again!"

But, we're making it.

So, what do we have to be thankful for?

(1) that it's only a 2-day bug, and not something more serious

(2) that the house is small, so I can hear those who need help and (perhaps more selfishly) that there is less house to keep clean. (I can't imagine more rooms for little ones to hide away and be sick in.... ewwww)

(3) that we only have one bathroom. I know, I know, that's always been my biggest complaint, but as I struggle to keep everything clean and relatively "germ-free," I am thankful that I don't have double, or even triple the workload. Praise God!

(4) that we have a washer and dryer in the house. I've had to do the "shlep it to the laundromat" bit many, many times in my life, and I am soooooooooooo thankful that I have been able to do all these loads of laundry here, and keep a steady supply of fresh sheets, towels, and clothes for the kids.

(5) and let's hear it for the lowly dishwasher, that has worked overtime these past few days as we sterilize just about everything we've come in contact with.

(6) I can't forget to say thank you for grocery stores, medicine, and all the "convenience" items that Ma Ingalls never had out there on the prairie.

(7) finally, that we've all come together and taken turns helping each other. (look at all those corporal works of mercy flying around!)

So, in the midst of all this, I am truly thankful.

And for any of you who have prayed for us, I thank you as well.

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