Friday, September 01, 2006

Happy September!!!

I'm getting so excited... today is September 1st, so Fall is just around the corner!! (nevermind the fact that it's in the high 80s... it's the principle of the thing!)

The kids and I made the trek to Hobby Lobby to pick up lots of Fall decorations (half off sale, of course). I think it would be a tad bit premature to put them up now, but I'm making plans.

As you can guess, Fall is my favorite season of the year. All I need is a cloudy day, a cool breeze, and the chance to wear a sweater and I am one happy, happy camper.

Blissfully so.

Happy September!!!


suburbancowgirl said...


I am SO with you, sister! Fall is the BEST! (And it's all of a balmy 70 degrees with a breeze up here - sweater weather is coming!)

I would say that 1 Sept is a fine time to pull out the decorations - I think I'll pull mine out too!

Ouiz said...

I know YOU are going to get Fall weather a lot faster than we are... but I DID pull out my decorations anyway, so it "feels" like Fall to us down here!

I envy the 70 degree weather you are having...