Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ah, a new season has begun

Yes, I will admit it: I love watching DANCING WITH THE STARS. I love seeing people with no real dance training get out of their comfort zones, try something new, and find out that they are really, really good at it.

That said, I have to give the quick Chez Ouiz highlights:

(1) Mario Lopez is amazing! This was just the first show, but WOW! I'll probably be cheering for him the way I cheered for Drew last year.

(2) Emmet Smith has great talent. I loved his personality and the way he made dancing look fun and relaxed.

(3) Joey Lawrence, Willa Ford, and Vivica Fox all showed a lot of promise as well.

(4) In the "bless their hearts" category, there is Tucker Carlson, Harry Hamlin, and Jerry Springer. I truly admire someone who can step out of their comfort zones and be willing to go for it, regardless of the consequences. THESE are the people who have my respect. It is hard to go out there in life and do something you've never done before... AND be judged for it!

I'll hate to see a couple lose tomorrow (I always hate seeing people lose!!), but I look forward to another fun season of ballroom dancing! (I know, I'm such a goof)

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