Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a weekend!

It's been a bit traumatic here this weekend (please notice that's traumatic with a little "t").

On Saturday, we celebrated my dh's birthday. Several of his family members came, including his 85 year old grandmother (who neither looks nor acts like a typical 85 yr old, I might add!) As in just about any situation that involves kids, there was music and dancing. His grandmother started dancing with Reilly, slipped, and fell backwards into the coffee table.

Did you know that head injuries bleed profusely? I do now.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Thank God she was OK (talked and joked through the whole ordeal, actually), but in the middle of us trying to take care of her, and the confusion over what would be the best thing for us to do, Sean cut right through all of it with one simple question:

Shouldn't we be praying for her too?

Stopped me dead in my tracks. What was I thinking?

Fear. Pride. Embarrassment.

The kids hear me pray over them all the time, and yet, when out of the "safety" of just my immediate family, I remained silent. I was humbled (and thankful!) that my son reminded me of the need for prayer.

Needless to say, we prayed for her after that!

So, on to Sunday's disaster...

After Mass, we came home, had doughnuts, and then the kids went for a walk with their grandparents while I stayed outside reading a book and enjoying the morning. After about 5 minutes or so... just long enough for them to make it about half way around the block... I heard screaming. I bolted out of that chair and ran down the street (yeah, you can make pretty good time even in a long skirt and dress shoes!) to find Reilly and Sean screaming in the middle of the street.

Reilly had stepped into a yellow jackets' nest.

Oh yeah.

Sean had about 8 stings all along his legs, and Reilly managed to get stung all down her left side AND on her scalp (one got tangled in her hair).

Once I got them home I got them into a cool baking soda bath (AND remembered to pray this time, thank you!)... and they are fine. No swelling, no complications, nothing. Praise God.

My dh will be home tomorrow as well.

No one is allowed to get hurt.

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