Monday, August 21, 2006

I can't believe...

... how good CATHOLICISM FOR DUMMIES really is!

I'll admit it. I was embarrassed to even pick it up at first. The very name implied that I was completely clueless about the Catholic Faith, and needed some sort of remedial help.

Total pride, I know.

But, since several friends recommended it to me, I thought I would buy it anyway.

I am so thankful I did!

I did not expect to find this much information, have it be this much fun to read, and actually give me so much to meditate on! I am so impressed with how they have been able to distill the Catechism into the "for Dummies" format and have it work!

Kudos to Fr. John Trigilio Jr. and Fr. Kenneth Brighenti for writing such a wonderful reference book!

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Shimmy said...

I agree.