Sunday, March 05, 2006

My baby is amazing

My last pregnancy was really difficult -- I mean, majorly difficult. I knew the baby was a girl, because I felt so nauseous.

Did I say nauseous? Oh heck yeah. Try getting sick 20 times a day. It was really bad.

Then this c-section was the worst ever. I actually *felt* what was going on during the operation. Not fun. To top it all off, I got this horrific spinal headache that wouldn't go away until they gave me a blood patch.

All in all, not a fun experience.

But you know what? NONE of that matters. We have got one of the sweetest babies God has ever created. Truly, we do.

Marie has a smile that can melt even the most hardened heart.

She has a sweet disposition and is perfectly content to sit in her bouncy seat and watch quietly as the family activities bustle around her.

She has learned to put herself to sleep with -- get this -- NO fussing. None.

She takes long naps during the day... AND follows a fairly reliable schedule.

Oh, and did I mention that she has slept through the night several times?

God in His wonderful, gracious mercy has given us an amazing baby.

I am so in love.

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